About Tolfenpyrad

TOLFENPYRAD is a METI acaricide/insecticide with contact mode of action. Acts by inhibiting the cellular respiration in the insect, being very efficient on all stages of the pest: eggs, nymphs and adult. Tolfenpyrad halts feeding damage immediately and oviposition within hours after application. Has an excellent know-down effect, pests are controlled usually within 24 to 48 hours. Tolfenpyrad is an ideal rotational chemistry and an excellent tank mix partner.


  • Wide spectrum of pest control
  • Rapid stop of feeding
  • Effective on all pest stages (eggs, larvae, adults)
  • Suppression of egg-laying
  • Suppression of certain diseases (e.g. Powdery Mildew, Downy mildew, some rust diseases)
  • No cross-resistance to other insecticide MOA’s (Diamides, Neonics, OPs, Pyrethroids, …)

Chemical structure



  • Aphids, fruit flies, leafhoppers, coleoptera (e.g. colorado potato beetle, flea beetle, ...)
  • Lepidoptera (e.g. diamond back moth, ...)
  • Psyllids (e.g. pear psylla, asian citrus psyllid)
  • Rust mites (e.g. pear rust mite, citrus rust mite)
  • Thrips sp. and others 

Available Formulations

  • 150 g/l EC or SC