About Flubendiamide

FLUBENDIAMIDE is a well-known and efficient diamide insecticide, it affects the ryanodine receptor modulator. Is acting by ingestion and contact on every larvae stage of many lepidoptera species; with a long lasting effect protects the plants during a long period.

Is safe on bees and non-target arthropods, being a very suitable tool in IPM systems in rotation with other insecticides with different mode of action.


  • Long-lasting residual activity
  • Excellent effect on all larval stages
  • Wide spectrum of control of lepidopteran pests
  • Safe to bees and other non-target arthropods
  • No cross resistance to conventional insecticides

Chemical structure



  • Lepidoptera (Adoxophyes sp., Chilo suppresalis, Cydia sp., Grapholitha sp., Helicoverpa armigera, Lobesia botrana, Ostrinia nubialis, Pieris sp., Plutella xyllostella, Tuta absoluta and many others)

Available Formulations

  • 220 g/l SC
  • 200 g/kg WG